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Welcome to the Syracuse Chapter of B.A.C.A. ®

If you or anyone you know needs us

in the Central New York area, call our helpline

 (315) 751-1825.

                                 Address: B.A.C.A. Syracuse P.O. Box 5233 Syracuse N.Y. 13220

Do you want to make a difference in an abused child’s life?

 We are always looking for bikers with the desire to help empower our wounded children not to feel afraid in the world in which they live.  Our monthly meetings are open to the public, and located at:

Next meeting  Oriskany American Legion


The 1st     Saturday at 10 a.m. Please bear with us as we are looking into a new place for meetings:

The first meeting of the year will be Jan 6th at Oriskany American Legion 7908 State Route # 69 1448, Oriskany, NY 13424

      Jan 6th
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President – Lug

Vice-President – Jester

Treasurer – Speed Demon

Secretary – Falcor

Sgt. At Arms – Grape Ape




For more information email Lug or Jester at: